Cobot Automation becomes Meggson


Cobot Automation will have a new name as of May 20, 2021: Meggson. This name does more justice to the niche in which the company operates as international super specialists in handling eggs.


The vision and ambition of this company have remained unchanged and are underlined by a new look and promise. “Handling eggs is complex and demanding”, director Gijs Thomassen explains. “We believe that true improvement comes from simplifying complex issues, processes and/or solutions. Based on specialist knowledge and experience. Anyone can make something complicated, but the true expert makes it simple without compromising on power. That is where our strength lies. Simplify to perform, we call it.”


The products for handling and palletisation are simple AND well thought out. They are created under practical conditions, by properly listening to customers and peeling each question back to its essence. After which we look at it with an inventive eye and consider the minutest detail. This results in compact and easy to use solutions that are supported by smart and innovative technology. Allowing poultry farms, hatcheries and packing stations to achieve maximum result with minimum effort, using minimum space.