Robot TW200

Automation of tray and pallet washing systems

Automation of tray and pallet washing systems

Handling trays, dividers and pallets around tray and pallet washing machines is a heavy, dirty and demanding job. Automating this action with a robot TW200 will increase job satisfaction for packing station employees.The only handling activity that remains is the disposal of complete pallets. Through the deployment of this product, a previously demanding job is turned into an efficient process.

  1. Complete robot cell quickly installed as product in your factory
  2. Compatible with any tray or pallet washer brand
  3. Efficiënt buffering with roller conveyors
  4. Buffer locations for pallet and trays

For the demanding processor

Thanks to its many options, the TW200 can be expanded to a complete, fully automated solution that meets the requirements of any processor who is involved with washing the empty items.


All robot cells are provided with fences or safety light curtains. The use of light curtains guarantees fast and safe access to the robot’s work area.