Robot TP300

Palletisation and de-palletisation

Palletisation with high capacity and flexibility

The ROBOT TP300 is intended for the palletisation of large numbers of eggs per day. Starting from 80,000 eggs, the robot provides considerable savings in time and labour.Several pallet places can be provided with outfeed conveyors. This is one example of the various options that make the work much easier.

  1. Gripper provided with protection against damaged trays
  2. Compatible with all packagers
  3. Roller conveyor or fixed pallet position
  4. Storage for dividers and pallets
  5. Several types separated

Compact to even 5 by 5 meters

Plastic and pulp trays

It is not only possible to process standard plastic trays and dividers. It is also possible to process pulp trays with cardboard intermediate sheets. The gripper is optimised for stable and straight stacking of cardboard trays.


The fully stainless steel gripper has a number of unique features. Including the retracting fork carriage. This results in stable and straight stacks on the pallets, without compromising on processing speed.