Robot KB30

Handling of setter trays and pulp trays

Setter tray and pulp trays

Daily returning activities of loading and unloading setter trays is heavy and arduous work for your employees. The high capacity and accuracy ensure job satisfaction and higher efficiency.

  1. Compatible with any packager brand
  2. Quick conversion from setter tray to pulp
  3. Robot automatically loads the de-nester of the packager
  4. Robot scans the trolley

Setter trays and pulp trays

The conversion from pulp tray to setter tray is done in no time, by placing a fitting part on the robot gripper.

Scanning the trolley

A unique feature, is that the robot always scans the exact shape and position of the setter tray in the transport container. In this way, it is perfectly able to handle deviating positions inside the transport containers.