Robot BP500

Palletisation of boxes

Palletisation of large volumes of boxes

The ROBOT BP500 is intended for the palletisation of egg-filled boxes in various sizes and patterns. Up to 4 infeed belts and automatic picking of any cardboard intermediate sheets make this a flexible product.

  1. Griper for picking up wooden pallets and boxes
  2. Pick-up from up to maximum 4 infeed belts
  3. Roller conveyors provide buffer possibility when feeding out pallets
  4. Guard by means of fence or light screens

Robots use a proven technology that has been around for many years

Palletisation of boxes

Suitable for boxes with various dimensions and varying pallet patterns. Wooden block pallets and cardboard intermediate sheets can also be placed by the robot.

Speed and accuracy

Application of robots with proven technology and a high level of accuracy. Its high speed and many options make the ROBOT BP500 suitable for demanding packing stations.