Meggbot TP100

The most compact and affordable palletiser

Palletisation behind the grading line

The Meggbot TP100 is highly suitable for the palletisation of trays behind a grading line. MEGGSON has achieved a number of solutions, often in combination with 2 grading lines that are served by the Meggbot TP100. By using the TP100, it is easy to reduce the burden on your employees and save on labour.

  1. User-friendly operation for employees
  2. Buffering of 16 dividers in storage
  3. Machine entirely made of stainless steel
  4. Integrated light screens

Compact robot to reduce the burden on packing employees

Auto-scan function

Sensors continuously check the pallet during palletisation. The pallet is scanned automatically and the robot continues to palletise the pallet. Employees do not have to enter settings. A single press on the green button is enough.

Storage for dividers

The Meggbot TP100 has an integrated storage for a maximum of 16 dividers. The storage is filled automatically by placing a pallet with dividers. During the palletisation process, the machine automatically places the dividers on the pallet.